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2 Quick Tips To Drastically Improve Your Shooting Percentage

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Follow These Steps To Drastically Increase Your Shooting Percentage.

Struggling to keep your shooting percentage at an acceptable level or not able to raise it higher no matter how much practice you put in?  You are likely experiencing inconsistencies in parts of your shooting technique.  When it comes to shooting the basketball, consistency is crucial in all parts of your shot form.  However, there are 2 key techniques that have greater impact than others, and even may be able to help you become the most improved player on your team.

Square Your Body To The Rim

Many players practice shooting hundreds of shots a day to get better and sadly a lot of young players are practicing with poor shooting alignment. Having your body square to the rim simply means your entire body is facing the rim from your feet to your shoulders.  From the beginning to the end of your shot, your body needs to remain facing the rim.  The benefit of this is that it removes unnecessary movement in your body during the shot.  When you begin to twist your upper or lower body when shooting, you are adding in movements that make it impossible to replicate consistently and therefore it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to practice and get better no matter the number of reps you put in.

When practicing your alignment be sure to carry it through to every shot you take.  Whether it be a perfect free throw or a jumpshot coming off of a screen, your first and last thought should be “was I lined up properly all the way through my shooting action?”

Get Your Elbow To Eye Level

A great way to increase your shooting percentage is to fine tune your follow through when shooting. It’s very common to see players shooting with otherwise good shooting form except when it comes to the release of the basketball.  At the end of every shot you push the ball up towards the basket and flick the wrist to get the desired backspin on the ball. BUT if your elbow doesn’t make it above the level of your nose it’s an easy indicator that your shots will be flat and likely rim out a good percentage of the time.  The simple fix of getting your elbow high enough, so that its even with your eyes at the end of your shot will help in a variety of ways. First, you will naturally increase the arc of your shot which is very important so that the ball has an opportunity to drop more vertically into the basket rather than coming in at a narrow angle.  Second, you will begin to use the correct set of muscles for shooting(shoulder) the ball up, rather than your chest muscles to push the ball forward.  Third, you will find it easier to shoot over taller defenders and players looking to defend you.  You may not even notice, but these small changes will create a profound improvement in your shooting form and shot percentage.

By implementing these 2 simple techniques you can increase your overall percentage as much as 20-30 percent.  A good way to self-test yourself is to use these tips while you try our top 4 shooting drills from 2016!  Getting lots of reps with these 2 concepts done correctly is what creates good shooting habits.  And with your hard work and attention to detail there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a knock down shooter for your team.

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4 Reasons You May Have Been Cut From Your Basketball Team This Year


If you wasted your preseason you are already one step behind in the game.

Sports in general (but more specifically basketball) are one of the things that are nothing like riding a bike.  If you don’t use your abilities and try to constantly fine tune and improve your basketball skills you will most definitely lose them.  You can’t take the entire off-season off, and step back on the basketball court and expect your game to be the same.  A lot of time, effort, and sweat must be  given in order to see real improvements in your game.

The preseason is considered to be the period of time from the beginning of the new school year up until basketball tryouts beginning during the end of the Fall.  So we can consider the basketball preseason to last about three months.  Three months is a lot of time in terms of basketball conditioning, but it is not when it comes to basketball skill training.. It takes many many hours to master a skill.  It only takes a few weeks of heavy dedication to get into basketball shape.

Here are 4 things that can ruin your basketball season before it even starts:

1.  Not Taking Training Seriously

In today’s basketball world, intense training is a given.  Back in the day, you could probably get away with not training as hard as you could and still see some kind of success as a basketball player.  But those days are over.  There is way too much competition (who are probably in the gym training right now) to think you will be fine if you are not constantly pushing your game to new heights.  The majority of players these days are in the gym consistently on their own, playing on multiple teams, and seeking out PRIVATE BASKETBALL TRAINING twice per week in an attempt to get an edge on the competition.  So if you are in the gym training on your own regularly, you are doing just enough to stay one step behind your competitors.

2.  Not Being In Basketball Shape

A lot of players underestimate the significance of being a well-conditioned basketball player.  Players tend to understand why they need to improve their actual skills, but don’t see how being in tip-top shape can make basketball skill training easier.  The better shape you are in, the more likely you are to perform your drills at game speed.  The more you train at game speed, the better chance you have at translating your improved skills into the real game.  A prime example of this is the ability to constantly MOVE WITHOUT THE BALL to tire out your defender and find open shots you normally wouldn’t be able to shoot.

3.  Not Building Team Chemistry

A big mistake players (especially new players to a program, such as high school freshman) make is not taking the time to build chemistry with their teammates.  Although this may seem small and insignificant, it can make or break your chances to make the team for the year.  This is especially true if you are a newcomer to a team with a returning core group of players.  You want to show you can fit in with the current system while also showcasing your skills!  This goes hand in hand with #4.

4.  Not Knowing Your Role For The Upcoming Season

Knowing your role on your basketball team for the new season is just as important as being skillfully prepared.  If you are not aware of what your role might be, how could you properly prepare for it?  Although everyone wants to be the star player of course, everyone has to start somewhere.  Your role could be anything from being a top scorer to being a glorified practice player.  Whatever your role is, you should take pride in the fact that you may have a spot on the team and have a chance to contribute.  As long as you have a role, you have a chance at climbing the totem pole on your team and also you can know how to prepare in the off-season.

If you didn’t make the cut but still think you have what it takes, the Morris Basketball Program can help you to secure your spot on your team’s roster!


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4 Top Basketball Shooting Drills Of Summer 2016

The Top 4 Shooting Workouts To Challenge Yourself This Summer

1.  Shot–Pumpfake/Shot

This drill is a good one for find touch from different distances from the basket.  As well as a great situation to improve your footwork, and keep your balance into your shot.

2.  Fade-Off-The-Screen Shot

This shooting drill is a good game situation simulator.  For offenses that utilize this type of screen, you’d be surprised how often you can find yourself open at the top.  The key here is trying to stay on balance; straight up, straight down.

This basketball shooting drill is a perfect example of Why Moving Without The Ball Can Improve Your Basketball Career

First to 10 makes, wins.

3.  Triple Move Into A Shot

This drill is essential for developing good touch with the ball while transition from your dribble into a shot.  This is one of the cornerstones to developing a solid one on one game.

Make sure you stay low, quick feet, and explode on the release.

4.  Full Sprint–Shot

This drill is strictly for 2 things–either becoming a better shooter, or getting in better shape.  This conditioning shooting drill will end very quickly if you can make more than 1 shot in a row.  If you miss more than 2 in a row, you’re in for a long night.

First to make 3 (you can set your own score limit) wins.  If you make the shot, run to the far free throw line and back.  If you miss, full court sprint and back!  You’d be surprised how hard it is to make 3 shots when you put a tiny bit of pressure on yourself.

All drills should end with 5 made Perfect Free Throws.

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Is AAU Basketball Good or Bad?

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3 Pros and Cons of playing the game of AAU basketball.

Many many years ago, there was only one way to get recruited to play college basketball-believe it or not.  This can be known as the Traditional Method.  The Traditional Method was pretty simple–play for your local high school program, win games and put up good numbers.  If your team finds some kind of success or you put up huge numbers, college scouts would flock to your games.  If they were impressed, they would inquire with your coach for more information.  If the coach puts in a good word for you, then most likely you would be getting some face time with the scout.

That is pretty simple and straightforward process.  It worked for some, and hurt others’ chances at getting that coveted scholarship.

Over the years, AAU basketball has grown exponentially and has added an extra channel for recruiters and players to interact.  AAU seasons can run from the end of regular basketball season all the way up until the start of the next season, many times overlapping the regular basketball season.  There are countless teams, all with different age brackets/gender teams.

Here are the top 3 Pros of AAU Basketball:

1. You Meet And Play Against Different Types Of Competition

Most school teams only play against competition in a generally local area, unless your team is a perennial powerhouse. For those who have played AAU, I’m sure you remember the days of long road trips, possibly flights, and playing against a different team pretty much every single game. Going against these odds can make you immune to the uncomfortable feeling of playing against an unfamiliar playing style, which can pay off later on in your career. Also, some of the players you will meet up against you might see on TV one day. Exposure to competition from all over can only help sharpen your game.

2. You Get ALOT Of Game Action

That is, if you see the court. For those that get regular playing time on their AAU team, they have multiple seasons worth of games in just one offseason. Just be sure not to burn yourself out. But if you are not getting much playing time on your AAU team, you may be wasting your summer. If this sounds like you, we suggest you sign up for our Sunday Group Workouts in order to learn How To Earn More Playing Time On The Basketball Court

There is no greater teacher than game experience itself.  Get as many games in as you can and try things you might not be as comfortable trying during your school season!

3.  You Can Try Things You Might Not Try During The School Season

One of the best parts of AAU is that it gives you a chance to further develop your game, especially your individual game.  This is not saying that you should be selfish during AAU season.  Selfish basketball is never good and should be minimized.  But you get a chance to be a little selfish with what moves you try to pull off against the defense, different types of passes you may not be comfortable trying during the school season, or even trying a new position.  AAU is supposed to be about development and growth.

Looking for an AAU team?  Play For MBP and get free training included!

Top 3 Cons of AAU Basketball:

1. There Are Just As Many Politics, If Not More Than Your School Team.

Many teams can be run by parents, or coaches that could have a predisposition for certain players they may already know and be comfortable with.  Many times these politics can be worse than even the worst situations you might encounter for your school team.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to players and/or parents.

2.  You Might Not Learn The Fundamentals

AAU basketball is centered around quantity of games, rather than quality of games.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is common to see in AAU games players not using the basic fundamentals of basketball to guide their play.  And in the AAU system, this is rarely seen as a problem.  Wins/losses, championships and college scouts matter to most AAU teams, so for the most part, you might not learn some of the most crucial basics that will give your entire career its foundation.  If fundamentals are what you need, we suggest a Private Training Session with one of our professional coaches.

3.  It Can Make You Lazy

The lifestyle that comes with AAU basketball can be dangerous–especially if you are an elite player.  AAU, and the clout and notoriety that can come with it  can fool a player into thinking he’s already “there,” and doesn’t have any weaknesses.  This makes a player lazy because it conditions you to feel like there isn’t an urgent need to get in the gym and work on your game.  And basketball IS NOT like riding a bike.  If you don’t sharpen your skills regularly, unfortunately you will lose them.  We suggest trying The Most Complete Basketball Workout to keep you in top basketball condition.

To sum it all up, AAU basketball is a double-edged sword.  It can be your best friend, and open your career to many new and exciting opportunities while toughening up your game.  But if used wrong, or in the wrong situation, it can actually harm your game.  Be careful out there and play hard!

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5 Easy Signs That You Are A Good Basketball Player

Ways To Tell If You Might Be A Good Basketball Player.   


In today’s game, being a good basketball player means you possess certain qualities that help influence the outcome of each game in a positive manner.  Bad players do just the opposite.  If you have an eye for the game of basketball, you can usually spot a good player out from the crowd; something just makes them stand out above the other players.  Here is a list of some qualities that give a player a reputation as a good player:

1.  You Understand The Fundamentals

All good players have a strong foundation.  They learn to play basketball with more good habits than bad.  What are examples of good habits?  Not making one handed passes, setting effective and useful screens, boxing out their defensive target before every rebound…the list goes on. 

For good basketball players, it is easy to tell that they have had some coaching somewhere.  They have had the fundamentals ingrained into their game from an earlier standpoint and it shows.  Good basketball players usually seem a little bit more polished on the court, and make things look a little easier than the average player.  If you have not had the proper fundamental coaching to become a good basketball player, we suggest you sign up with the Morris Basketball Program to sharpen your skills!

2. You Give More Effort

Good basketball players not only have the fundamentals down, they give maximum effort to get the most out of each play.  There is a clear cut reason why it may seem like only some of the “lucky players” on a team get all of the meaningful stats– points, assists, rebounds, steals, etc.  These players MAKE things happen through giving continual effort for the entire game.  Whether your game is 32 minutes, 40 minutes, or 48 minutes, you can catch a good player giving it his all.

3.  You Understand Time/Score

Solid basketball players are always aware of the Time/Score of the game.  I’m not just talking about when theres under 10 seconds remaining and the game is on the line.  Good players are aware of this facet of the game from the opening tip until the final referee whistle.  Eight times out of ten,  if a player understands time/score, they will have a sturdy grasp of #4.

Good basketball players understand when there is a need to milk the clock to stretch out a small lead.  Conversely, they understand how to play with a sense of urgency when time is running out.

4.  You Play Within The Ebb & Flow Of The Game

An easy way to tell a good basketball player and a bad basketball player apart is to watch how they react to situations within the flow of the game.  Normally, good players will either blend in with the flow, and rack up their solid plays/statistics seamlessly in the game, or will only stand out for having more spectacular plays than bonehead plays.  The opposite holds true for bad players.  Bad players stick out, whether from turnovers due to #1, or maybe they stick out in a negative way for being too lackadaisical on the court.  This is also very easy to notice.

5.  You Work On Your Weaknesses

This one is simple.  Good players stay in the gym, and are constantly sharpening their skills.  We have alluded to this in previous articles, and there is just no way around this.  If you want to be good, you have to put the time in.  No one ever accomplished anything great with zero effort.  The Most Complete Individual Basketball Workout is a great way to nurture a well rounded game.  Developing your game takes time, patience, determination, and a desire to see incremental improvements!  Another way to work on your weaknesses would be to watch your favorite player, or another player whose strengths are your weakness!  Youtube is a great option for watching more experienced players play.

So there you have it. If you know anyone who exhibits these qualities in the basketball world, you know a good player.  If only a few of these qualities describe your game, you may just be an average player.  Or if not many or none of these qualities at all describe you, you may need to know the 5 Quick Signs You Are A Bad Basketball Player.  If you are a bad player, we recommend you join our program to increase your skills.  If you are already a good player, we encourage you to attend our Sunday Workouts and challenge yourself against better players.

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