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How To Earn “Most Improved Player” During The Offseason

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How To Use This Basketball Offseason To Return To Your Team As “The Most Improved Player”

By the Morris Basketball Program

You may have had a great season this past year, or you may have struggled.  You may have hit some game winners, or you may have spent more time watching your team play, and not have stepped foot on the basketball court.  Either way, regardless if you are the #1 option on your team or option #12, there is one award that every player on every team has an equal playing field to earn:  Most Improved Player.

This award doesn’t care about what you’ve done in the past, or what you say you want to do with your basketball career.  The Most Improved Player award only cares what you have done from the very last day of your last basketball season, up until the very last day of your next basketball season.  So you literally have 365 days worth of chances to prove you are worthy of this award.  Although you do get 365 days, we are going to focus solely on the offseason, and not mention the preseason, regular season, or playoffs.

Earning your team’s “Most Improved Player” award would also be a huge step in learning How To Earn More Playing Time On The Basketball Court.

1.  Get In The Gym Consistently; Stay Committed

There is no way you could become the Most Improved Player if you don’t put in the actual time in the gym.  We are not saying that you must be in the gym 6 hours everyday in order to see any improvement.  What we are saying, though is that in order to improve more than your competition, you must put in more work than what your competition is doing.  Get in the gym on a consistent, regular routine and put in your work!  Basketball drills, game situations, creating your own shot, and ball handling are things that always could use work.  If you are too lazy to get off your behind and try to improve your basketball skills, how could you ever even say you want to earn an award such as M.I.P.?

Another important part of getting in the gym is getting actual game time.  Especially if you have struggled for playing time this season, one of the best ways to better learn the game is to get more in-game experience!  AAU and summer teams are a great option for this-if you are local to the Northern NJ area and are struggling to find an adequate AAU team for your playing style, the Morris Basketball Program can help you find the perfect basketball team for your needs.  Just contact us!

2. Find New Basketball Drills And Try Them!

Basketball Drills are the cornerstone of skill improvement.  There are skills and drills for basketball players of all ages, sizes, and positions.  If you are a guard but you need help working on your passing skills, there are drills for this.  If you are a post player but don’t have a drop-step finish, you must find some drills that can help you improve in this.  If you are a slasher but have a poor shooting percentage, there are some drills that can help your shooting consistency.  Have you attempted The Most Complete Individual Basketball Workout yet?  If you have already attempted this, yet are struggling to find ideas for new basketball drills, we strongly suggest you follow the Morris Basketball Program’s Instagram Page for basketball workout videos, such as the video below:

3. Try Different Conditioning Training Methods

One of the best (and beneficial) offseason basketball training methods does not even involve the game of basketball.  Running sprints are always a great option to get yourself into prime game-shape, but you have most likely been running on-court sprints all season.  This is where the unconventional methods of conditioning come in handy.  Running hills/stairs, pool workouts, cross fit, etc. are all viable options for keeping you on your toes, getting you in maximum shape, and helping you return to the court fully refreshed and prepared.  Changing your workout routine occasionally can help transform you into a better overall athlete.

4. Start Next Season With A Fresh Mindset

Every season is a journey.  Every journey starts with a first step.  If you have done your job as a basketball player correctly, and have put in the necessary time, effort, and blood/sweat/tears, you most likely will notice a huge increase in your natural confidence on the court, for everything from your jumpshot down to your ball handling.  With this newborn confidence, you should be stepping onto the court for your first preseason practice feeling like a brand new player that everyone should fear.  A strong mind is just as important as a strong game!  You must have confidence in yourself if you want others to have the same confidence in you.


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Basketball Training

The Most Complete Individual Basketball Workout

Morris Basketball Program

“To Be A Well Rounded Player, You Must Have A Well Rounded Workout Program”

By The Morris Basketball Program

Ever felt like you weren’t seeing enough improvement from your hours at the gym?  Ever wondered what makes up a college or professional-level basketball workout?  Ever needed basketball workout advice but don’t know where to turn?  Look no further.  We all know the key to a great workout is you get out what you put in.  By changing a few small habits, and incorporating a renewed mindset, you can immediately start reaping the rewards of a top notch workout.

The following should be included in each and every workout:

1. An Intense Warm Up

Every journey must start with a first step, and your workout is no different.  A proper warm up is meant to get your blood going, warm up tight muscles, & break a strong sweat.  But most players fail to recognize the mental aspect of warming up.  A good 10 minute warm up is all you really need to get both your mind and body stretched, warmed, locked-in and focused for the workout at hand.

2. Ballhandling/Shooting

These two things are essential to a proper work out.  Most players usually include a decent amount of ballhandling and shooting into their workouts.  I prefer to work on ballhandling before shooting because it helps me find my feel for the ball, giving my shot more confidence.

The key in this area is to always stay on your toes by changing the drills/workout routines with ballhandling and shooting.  If you continue to do the same drills over and over, you will stunt your growth as a player and playmaker.

3. Game Situations

This is an area where the majority of young players fail to take advantage.  You can do all of the ballhandling/shooting in the world, but if you can’t translate these skills into an actual game environment, you are working for absolutely nothing.  Here at the Morris Basketball Program, we are constantly putting our players through game-like situations to test their skills in a real environment.

Although this particular aspect of your workout is difficult with only one player, appropriately placed cones (as defenders) and a strong imagination can get the job done.

4. *Conditioning*

Believe it or not, this is the most important part of your workout!  If you are not in basketball game shape, it doesn’t matter how good you are.  If you can’t get up and down the court and keep up with your team or opposing player, you have no right to be on the court!! Basketball is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, so if you are not in prime shape (with enough stamina to last an entire game) you may struggle.

Being in the best shape on your team by itself can help you to Become A Better Off-The-Ball Scorer.

We suggest using conditioning as a consequence for every missed shot while working on #5.

5. Free Throws!!!

If you have done a good enough job with #’s 2, 3, and 4, you will find yourself at the free throw line.  A LOT.  If you can’t convert free throws, you are hurting yourself as well as your team.  If you struggle at the line, learn The 5 Steps To A Perfect Free Throw

Free throws should be shot during regular intervals between drills (while you are still tired).  Shoot at least 3-5, and make sure you do some form of conditioning as punishment for every missed free throw.


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5 Steps To A Perfect Free Throw

Morris Basketball Program
The Morris Basketball Program

How To Become The Best Free Throw Shooter On Your Team!

By The Morris Basketball Program

All basketball players have lived this moment in their heads at some point in their career- down 1, 1 second left, with two free throws to seal the game for your team.  You step to the line, ice flowing through your veins, and drill the first shot like you could have done it with your eyes closed.  The crowd goes crazy.  You step back to the line, poised as ever, ignoring the screaming haters, not even noticing your family and friends in the stands.  You take that deep breath you take before you know you are going to become a hero, bend your knees, hold your follow through, and watch as the ball flows softly through the net to seal the win for your team.  Everyone goes wild and carries you off the court to go celebrate!

If only it were that easy.  Unfortunately, sealing the deal at the free throw line not only takes impeccable mechanics, but mental toughness, discipline, and a lot of tunnel vision.  Here are 5 easy steps to increasing your free throw percentage:

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